Best Picnic Backpacks

You may have heard of the picnic basket, but the thought of carrying a picnic backpack might be new to you. It works in a similar fashion as the picnic basket, but you’re going to have your hands free to carry some other items. Furthermore, having a stylish picnic backpack will no doubt be an essential piece to any outdoor adventure. So whether you’re going to the beach, go on a hiking trip, or if you’re going camping with your mates, then you’d definitely want to carry as much stuff as possible. The best picnic backpack can definitely help you in this regard.

Picnic Time ‘Zuma’ Insulated Cooler Backpack

The Picnic Time ‘Zuma’ Insulated Cooler Backpack is an insulated cooler that you can bring with you on your outdoor trips without having to put additional baggage in your hands. The picnic backpack has 19 x 11 x 7-inches for its dimensions.

VonShef – 4 Person Blue Tartan Picnic Backpack

The VonShef – 4 Person Blue Tartan Picnic Backpack is an ideal bag for catering to a maximum group of 4 people during your camping or outdoor trips.

Scuddles Picnic BackPack Basket Cooler Insulated Lunch Bag Tote

The Scuddles Picnic BackPack Basket Cooler Insulated Lunch Bag Tote presents excellent value for money because it brings about 28 pieces of camping and picnic gear in one complete package.

What to Look For?

When you’re looking for the right picnic backpack, always remember that there are several considerations to keep in mind to make sure that you get the best model for your specific requirements. The first factor to think about is the zippers. The zippers found on the picnic backpack should be strong enough to keep everything inside. If the zippers break, then it can literally make the entire backpack useless. Also, strongly sealable zippers can keep ants and other insects away from the food and beverages that you’re going to place inside the bag.

Next, you should think about the compartments found in the backpack. After all, you’d want to bring a lot of things for your camping or outdoor trip, so you’d want to keep everything in the bag as organized as possible. While getting a picnic backpack with one large compartment is still possible, you’re going to have a tough time keeping everything organized.

Also, consider the insulation that the backpack can bring. There are certain types of food and drinks that need to stay as cold as possible during the trip. There’s nothing worse than having to drink hot or warm water after you’ve just had a long hike. Then you might think, “But I’ve put ice in there right before we left home.” If so, then the insulation in your backpack isn’t good enough.


It’s important to do proper research when you’re searching for the best picnic backpack on the market. To help you in your search, you should also read product reviews from verified customers to know what they say when they were using the backpack that you’ve been eyeing for quite some time.