Best Pie Cookbooks

Making pies at home feel like it’s one of the best things to do. The thought that you can make something so delicious in your own kitchen makes your heart swell with joy. And to achieve that, you need a good set of skills and a handy cookbook to guide you while making that wonderful pie. These pie cookbooks tell you the tips and pieces of advice you’ll need and forever cherish when it comes to making pies. The list below shows the top 3 pie cookbooks on the market that have received high ratings.

Barbara Swell Pie Cookbook

Barbara Swell uses this cookbook to help readers make pie easily. This cookbook will you make pie in just a few minutes, without compromising the taste and the quality. This pie cookbook also contains all the secrets of making tender, flaky pie crust that people truly love and enjoy. The recipes come from 19th century journals which teach you how to make Dutch Oven Apple Cherry Pie, Vanilla Crumb pie, Fresh Raspberry pie, Louisiana Peanut pie, and a lot more different pies. This also has different photos of pies to help you know whether it’s a good one or not.

Kate McDermott’s Pie Cookbook

This pie cookbook helps you make the best pies in town with just the recipes by Kate McDermott. This pie cookbook will help you make the best pie with a set of instructions that are clear and easy to understand. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in pie-making, you won’t regret buying this cookbook for your pies. The recipes in this cookbook are homegrown and contain important pieces of advice when it comes to making pies. The cookbook is very informative and creative when it comes to the recipes. It also contains tricks and hints to help you have an easier time as well.

Emily Elsen’s Pie Cookbook

Emily Elsen’s pie cookbook guarantees that each pie you’re going to make from this cookbook will be a bomb. Customers have reviewed that with the recipes printed inside, each pie was bound to be wonderful and delicious. Each recipe is just right to produce pies that aren’t common but, nevertheless, delicious and tasty. This isn’t just great for home use but also for restaurants and cafes as well.

What to look for

These cookbooks are quite different from each other. So, here’s a list to single out the best one for you to use:

  • Recipes – of course, the recipes need to be superb so you’d also get the best pies out of them. Check if they don’t have errors and typos so you won’t waste time and money.
  • Extra – some of these cookbooks offer more than just recipes. They offer pieces of advice and tips so you can easily make those pies in no time. If you’re a beginner, make sure to buy one so you can easily learn and eventually make a pie like a pro.


With these cookbooks, these pies will be possible in your own home.