Best Pillow Speakers

Music has been part of our lives far more than we can remember and we’ve lived. It does something more than keeping your mood lifted during the most upsetting days. It can set the tone for your day and further make your day exciting than ever before. From walking along the streets to while eating your lunch, music has always been present. Even inside the shower, we play music, so, it’s not surprising that we play music even when we’re sleeping. In this case, instead of letting your phone play and die, you might want to get the best pillow speaker in town.

Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker

Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker with In-line Volume Control and Amplifier (White)

Unlike your regular headphones and speakers, pillow speaker is far more aggressive and apparent when it comes to sound muffling. For sure, you don’t want the muffling sound as if you’re listening under water. Gladly, that’s not the case with the best pillow speaker coming in the form of Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker. Along with in-line volume control, the Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker comes with its own amplifier inside to improve the sound quality thus improving your sleep quality. In case you want to play your playlist from the phone, you can connect it via the presented 3.5mm headphone jack.

Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speaker

Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speaker

Now, if you’re a student and you have a roommate with you, there’s a high chance that roommate of yours is going to spend the whole night partying, having sex* with someone, or if you’re lucky, staying up all night to watch a series or continuous movies. In this case, that person might provide a bit of noise while you’re sleeping. And, in this case, again, you can use the Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speaker to keep your ears from hearing the noise of your roommate and improve your sleep with the music of your choice. Compatible with any type of pillow, the Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speaker is made to relieve the stress of students or hospital patients among others.

C Crane Company PS2 SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker

Probably, one of the questions that you have in your head once you heard the term pillow speaker is the bulk of the whole thing that can hinder the position of your head thus affecting the way you sleep. While it’s true that some come with that drawback, that’s not entirely true for the C Crane Company PS2 SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker. With the C Crane Company PS2 SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker, you can easily slip in through the narrowest part of your pillow with its squeezable feature. Apart from that, it comes removable for the soft linen cover and can be washed afterward. Oh, it also includes the 3.5mm headphone jack for external playing.


One can simply use his or her phone to play music in the background, however, if you’re the type of person who always gets up early to school or work, you don’t want a dead battery at the end of the day. That’s where the pillow speaker comes in. With that said, the best pillow speaker is Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker.