Best Pool Table Lightings

Playing pool can be relaxing as well as entertaining. When you’re out with your friends playing pool at your favorite place, don’t you wish you have your own pool table at home? You can play pool as much as you want alone or with your friends. You can also do some practice shots in order to get better at the game. With the right pool table and paraphernalia, you can now enjoy playing this game as much as you want. Having a pool table, balls and stick aren’t enough to make this dream work. You also need to use the best lighting on top of the pool table in order to properly see the pool balls when you have to make your decisive shot. That’s where the best pool table lighting comes into the picture.

If you’re looking for the best lighting for your pool table, there are actually a lot of them sold in the market. Most of them come in a long design in order to distribute as much light as it can on top of the pool table area. With this, you can easily gauge the placement of the pool balls in order for you to measure the distance as well as the right curvature that you need your cue ball to make when you do your shot. Your pool table light should be bright enough to illuminate the surrounding areas. It should also be well-made, durable and worth its price. Here’s a list we’ve gathered of the best ones in the market to date. Feel free to check them out.

Globe Electric 3-Light Vintage Pendant Light

The first product on our list is a highly rated one that has a reasonable price. This product also has an elegant design that’s why people also use this to light other parts of the house. You can place this on top of your pool table, but this also has a rustic design that’ll go well with your dining area or your living room. The metal hanging rod of this product can actually be adjusted. You can shift this to three places or style that better fits your desired look. You can customize the fixtures of this lighting in order to achieve the maximum lighting capacity it can around its area.

You can actually adjust the amount of light this product emits. When you want to dim the lights, you can shift the switch to the dimmer mode. You can then create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere that befits the situation that you wanted. When it comes to installation problems, you won’t have any problems about that with this one. This is super easy to install. You’ll get all the hardware necessities that you’ll need to install this when your purchase this product. The vintage design of this light makes it a great addition to your house design. You can change the bulbs for a higher lighting power or you can use the E26 Bulbs instead. A lot of people are in love with this product. You can check it out if you’re interested.

Iszy Billiards Metal Ball Design Pool Table Light 

Now, this product is the epitome of pool table lighting. It even has this cute pool ball designs which are amazing. This pool ball set lighting might be a little bit expensive compared to the other products on our list but you can’t go wrong with the design and functionality of this product. Even its construction is well-done. You can see for yourself that this is built solid and the materials used in its construction are quite high. The overall construction is 59 inches long and can cover up the whole length of your pool table. The three bulbs of this lighting are quite bright and it also has three red metal shades that can better distribute the light all over your pool table.

This is a great pool table lighting that can make your game room the highlight of your house. Installation is super quick and easy with this one. You can even adjust the chain of this lighting for the right distance that you wanted from your ceiling. The bulbs here aren’t included. You can buy them separately and you can even choose what type of bulb that you wanted to use. If you use a 360-watt bulb then that would be perfect. Even though this is super quick and easy to install, it’s a great idea to have a professional electrician install this since it has special wires and adaptors that you need to arrange. You’d want to fully enjoy this pool table lighting as much as possible so it’s better to have an expert install it.

Industrial Vintage Retro Linear Chandelier 

Industrial Vintage Retro Linear Chandelier - LITFAD 35'' Wide Edison Metal Hanging Ceiling Light Gorgeous Pendant Light Island Light Fixture Black Finish with 3 Lights

Here’s another elegant and highly rated product that we found in the market. The price of this one might be high but when it comes to its design, functionality, and durability, you’ll find that this is all worth it. The design of this product us akin to the retro days. The vintage look is a great addition to your gaming room. Some people even use this for other parts of the house. The elegant design can fit any interior design that you have. The three lights equally distribute its light all around it which is a great pool table lighting that you can use. The overall construction is quite good and its durability is amazing.

With this, you can adjust the length of the chain from the distance of your ceiling. When it comes to installation, this is super easy and quick to install. The quality of this product is actually a lot better compared to other products in the market. You can choose to use some LED bulbs, incandescent ones, or bulbs that have E26 or E27 bulb base with this one. The overall lighting is very lightweight so it’s easy for you to personally install this. You just have to careful about handling the huge medallion design of this product. Aside from that, this is a pretty amazing product that can light up your game room and pool table fine.

Trademark Gameroom Green Three Shade Gameroom Lamp

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly pool table light that has an elegant design and great functionality, then this is a product that’s worth the watch. You’ll surely love the elegant design of this product. It has three bulb lights with three light shields made of elegant material. The gold sheen of the metal finish makes it stand out and the metal chains also give this elegant lighting a rustic look. The price is also pretty reasonable compared to the more expensive ones listed here. This product has garnered a lot of good reviews and high ratings from people who were able to use this and for a good reason. Not only does this look good, it also works very well.

The shades of the light bulbs are actually made of durable polyresin material so there’s no worry of accidentally breaking it. There are three bulb sockets where you can place your light bulbs. Light bulbs don’t come with your purchase so you need to buy it separately. The household outlet of this lighting is 110 volt. Even though this isn’t the most expensive one of the bunch, it has a deceiving look, in a good way. Since this looks like a very expensive pool table light, your friends and family will think that you bought an expensive one. This product actually looks great hanging on top of a pool table. You can now enjoy playing pool with your mates or your family when you have an appropriate pool table lighting like this one.

Metal Pool Table Light Billiard Lamp

The last product on our list is another highly rated one which has a reasonable price. This pool table light is made of all-metal that’s so durable and sturdy. It’s also made of high-quality materials that don’t rust or get damaged easily even after how many years of use. The length of this pool table light is 55 inches long which is sufficient enough to cover the entirety of your pool table. The metal shades of the three light bulbs are actually quite attractive. This has a modern touch to it that can make your game room a cool place to hang out in. You can see for yourself how well-made and solidly built this product is. When it comes to its functionality, style, and durability you can’t go wrong with this product.

The hanging chain of this pool table light can actually be adjusted in order for you to have the right length that you wanted. Whether you wanted this light to be farther away from your pool table, or you wanted it to be nearer in order to have a better brightness brought by your light bulbs, you can easily adjust this the way you wanted it to. The recommended distance that a pool table light should be from the pool table is 7 to 8 foot. You’ll need to use three 360 watt bulbs for this and you can buy that separately. In order to properly install this pool table lighting, you’ll need the help of a licensed electrician. A lot of people actually recommend this product.


Playing pool can be a lot more fun when you use the best pool table lighting. When you have the best lighting, you can easily improve your performance since you can easily see the placement of the balls. Choose one that’s durable and can fit in with your game room.