Best Pry Bars

A pry bar is a tool that has a lot of names you might be familiar with. You might be familiar with a crowbar, a wrecking bar or a pinch bar, but you might also associate this with a prise bar. The Americans call this a ‘jimmy’, while others call it a pig foot or goose neck. Whatever name you might know this as, a pry bar is a handy tool used in prying open hard objects or in removing some driven nails. The metal construction of a pry bar usually consists of a curved end on one side and a flattened end on each side. It usually has one small fissure on one end which you can use when you need to remove nails. This tool actually works by using the physics of leverage. You can force apart two hard objects with the use of a pry bar.

Common uses for pry bars or crowbars is prying open a nailed wooden casket. It’s also used for removing nails. This is also quite useful for miners. In breaking and removing rocks, both ends of a pry bar are quite useful. Both ends have respective lever classes that you can use. The curved end is usually used for tasks that need first-class leverage while the flat end is used for second class leverage tasks. Most pry bars are made of titanium since it’s a sturdy medium-carbon steel but it’s light in weight. There are inexpensive pry bars sold in the market and there are also stocky and solid ones which can be pricier. It all depends on the materials used and the stock where it came from. Here’s a list of the best pry bars sold in the market. Feel free to check them out if you’re looking for a great one to use.

Stanley 55-045 Wonder Bar II Pry Bar

Stanley 55-045 7-1/2-Inch Wonder Bar II Pry Bar

The first product on our list is an inexpensive yet highly competent pry bar that we found in the market. A lot of people actually recommend this newly released product. There are also a lot of good reviews about this product. What’s great about this product is it’s built solid and durable so it can give you good performance in any task that you might have at hand. This actually has a tempered construction in order to provide you with a bending momentum of great proportions. It can actually endure 310-inch pounds of power which is a lot. The overall construction is made of heat-treated as well as tempered steel so you can be sure that this can withstand even the strongest casket, rock or another object.

This modern type of pry bar is resistant to corrosion and rust. It actually has a powder coating finish that’s meant to give your pry bar a long-lasting wear that can withstand any type of environmental factors. This also has a compact design that makes it easier for you to handle. It’s actually built small with only 7 inches in length but doesn’t be deceived by the small pry bar since it’s packed with so much power. This is perfect to use for small tasks around your house or for a minor workload that you need to accomplish. If you’re looking for a pry bar you can use for heavy duty workload then maybe it’s better for you to use a longer pry bar.

TEKTON 3352 Pry Bar 

TEKTON 3352 Pry Bar Set, 4-Piece

The next product on our list is a set of pry bars that you can use for different instances. The four pieces have different sizes that you can use for different tasks at hand. Each pry bars are made from hardened and forged bar stock that’s squared. This is one of this inexpensive yet durable types that can withstand great force. Although this can’t be used for heavy duty workload, you can use this for many home tasks that need prying. The angled tip on each pry bars is efficient as a leverage point for prying. If you’ll need the extra leverage, this set of pry bars is the perfect product to use. For a set, you can get them all at such a great value which is amazing.

What’s great about this product is it has a comfortable that you can comfortably grasp. You don’t have to suffer some calloused palms when working on your tasks if you have a comfortable handle for your pry bars like this product. The metal of each pry bars has a unique finish made of black oxide which is quite efficient in resisting any form of rust as well as corrosion after prolonged use. The overall construction of each pry bar is well-made and quite durable. This might not be the strongest pry bar there is but if you’re looking for a decent and budget-friendly pry bar that you can easily get your hands with when you need to pry open objects in your home then this is an efficient set of pry bars.

Titan Tools 17005 Stainless Steel Prybar and Scraper 

Here’s a highly rated and highly recommended pry bar we found in the market. It’s another compact pry bar that you can use to open objects around your house. The modern design is meant for minor tasks at hand. It’s made of strong stainless steel that has a durable construction. It can withstand years of usage without any corrosion or rust since it’s made of high-quality materials. The price is quite reasonable too. Carrying and handling this pry bar is super easy and comfortable since it’s light in weight. The small size of this product might come as a surprise to you but this is actually perfect for small and minor tasks that you need to accomplish. If you’re looking for a heavy duty pry bar then you might want to check the longer ones available in the market.

What’s amazing about this product is the edges are actually razor sharp. This is actually useful when you need to crack open hard objects that don’t have any crevices or cracks to place your leverage. This product is ideal to use when you need to pull out some nails or tack. This is also a great tool to use when you need to scrape hard surfaces as well as in prying objects. You’ll definitely love the simple yet efficient design of this product. It has a smooth finish that feels good when you grasp it while working. It’s quite tough too. You can effectively use this when you need to pry open your walls for renovations. You don’t really want to use a long pry bar for tasks like that since it can be quite taxing. This is the perfect product for tasks that needs more flexibility.

Vaughan B215 Long Original SuperBar

Finally, a product that has insanely high ratings from people who were able to use this. When you check out the reviews of this product, you’ll be amazed about the positive reviews people leave this with. It seems like no one can supply this with any negative comments since it’s really an amazing product. Not only is this very durable and sturdy, it’s performance and efficiency is incomparable. The price is quite amazing too. It’s very affordable for such a high-quality product. You can say that this is an essential tool for everyone whether you’re a homeowner or tradesmen. There are a lot of uses you can do with this product. Unlike the other products listed here, this can be used as a heavy duty pry bar.

If you’re looking for a long and powerful pry bar then this is the perfect product to use. This actually measured 15 inches long which can give you a lot of good leverage. This product has a modern take on a traditional pry bar but it can perform way more than your standard pry bar. Unlike the other products, this has a “Shepherd’s crook” which is used for maximum prying ability. The steel itself is specially forged and tempered in order to withstand great leverage. The edges itself are sharpened and polished in order for you to easily insert it to a small crack or crevice. With the extra length of this pry bar, you can have the extra leverage that you need to pry hard objects.

Stanley Wonderbar Pry Bar

Stanley 55-515 12-3/4-inch Wonderbar Pry Bar

The last product on our list is another highly rated one that has an affordable price you’ll surely love. Not only is this quite efficient and handy, it’s quite convenient to use too. This is specially designed for strength as well as durability. You can easily pry anything with the use of this product. You can easily pull out nails, pry things as well as lift heavy and hard objects. With this, you can also scrape surfaces. The sharpened edge of each side makes it an efficient tool to scrape almost anything. You can easily insert this to any crevice or crack in order to pry or lift objects. The contoured design of the bar is great to use for minor as well as heavy duty tasks.

The length of this product is 12 3/8 inches which are perfect for small and heavy duty projects. What’s great about this product is it even has nail slots on both ends. You can easily pull out nails with this. It doesn’t take much strength to pull out any nails thanks to the special leverage design of this product. The material used in the construction of this product is high-carbon steel that’s forged for an added strength and durability. A lot of people actually recommend this product and for a good reason. The size is just perfect for any task that you need to be done at home or at your workplace. You can check this product out and see for yourself it’s amazing design and impressive performance.


Prying and pulling out nails can be easily achieved with the best pry bar. There are a lot of these sold in the market. With this list, choose the one that suits your needs.