Best Punching Mitts

Boxing is a serious competitive sport that can do serious damage to players by punching through the body and the head. The crisp, thick sound of the gloves hitting one’s body makes the sport so much exciting for the viewers. But if you’re not into physical fights and just want to enjoy the activity of boxing, there’s a way for you to get involved without letting yourself hurt, well, you’ll still feel a little soreness but that’s about the maximum pain that you can get from it. And that’s by making boxing an exercise routine.

Aside from the usual running and weight lifting you’re doing inside the gym, you can further up the tempo of your exercise by doing boxing. It’s a great cardiovascular routine and has the ability to improve and tone your muscles from head to toe at the same time. While most spend boxing for physical fitness, others consider boxing as a way of venting frustration or stress after spending long hours at work. And yes, it does work a lot as you’d imagine punching someone as hard as you can and for as much as you can. Before jumping to the actual boxing, you need first to warm-up your body by either running or skipping with a jumping rope.

After breaking a few sweat, then it’s time to hit the mitts. Of course, you have the boxing gloves ready for you, but wait, what about the person you’re going to hit, that guy needs a punching mitt. The punching mitt serves as a padded target for the boxer and worn like a boxing glove, too. The palm is left open to be hit by the boxer and that’s where the mitts-holder begins to work on specific boxing combinations. So, if you want to begin punching, these are the punching mitts that you can get.

Everlast 4318 Punch Mitts


The choice of every famous professional boxer like Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Jermain Taylor, the Everlast 4318 Punch Mitts can handle a punch even from tenured boxers. The durable punching mitts last more than anything else in order to shape and sharpen a boxer’s technique by hitting through thick punching mitts. By using a premium synthetic poly canvas, the whole body of the mitts lasts longer and functions exceptionally well. The design is even further improved with a full glove backing for added functionality.

Sweat is inevitable when you’re engaged in a very active sport like boxing. Fortunately for this punching mitts, it comes with anti-microbial treatment that fights against odors and potential bacterial growth to keep it safe and fresh to use. The construction is of an almost perfect circle when palms are open while being clad in black. The back of the hand stitches an open finger glove accented with gray color.

Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts


Whether you’re into boxing or MMA, chances are, you’re still going to use your hands. And with the Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts, it’s one of the most feature-packed punching mitts that you can get out there. The hand-shape mould is intentionally made to comfortably fit the hands of the user, thus avoiding any possible injuries. To further protect the user, the santec ultra light form reduces the impact and protects the hands. Adding comfortability will be the half ball palm grip for any potential injury and grip security.

To ensure that the punching mitts remain clean and unharmed, the performance engineered leather construction will be responsible for keeping it durable and tidy. When using punching mitts, the heat produced from the impact as well as body heat can make the hands sweat, but not anymore with the mesh backing featuring an adjustable wrist strap gives air ventilation all throughout the usage. Available in black and red combination, other variants let you have it with either of the following: black/green, metallic copper, and metallic silver.

Everlast EverGel Mantis Punch Mitts


Another popular Everlast punching mitts have entered on the best list and it’s the Everlast EverGel Mantis Punch Mitts. Instead of full-round mitts, this one slightly stretches out downward for better striking accuracy. To keep you confident in buying their proven products, Everlast is including a 120 days warranty from the date of purchase given it’s not misused and neglected. Quality-wise, this one doesn’t fall short from the rest.

The materials used to construct the punching mitt is of 95% Polyurethane and 5% Polyester – making it durable to countless punches from regular boxers. The mantis shape boasts off new padded wrist support to provide unmatched hand safety and comfort for the user. Everlast puts their EverGel technology here to allow the user to withstand longer barrage by reducing the impact. EverCool Technology is also present that’s responsible for keeping the hands dry while being used as well as the whole mitts itself.

RDX Cowhide Punching Mitts Target Training


The RDX Cowhide Punching Mitts Target Training stands out the most not only because of its exquisite looks and design but also its material used which be seen from its name – cowhide. Based on 100-percent authentic cowhide leather, this thing can handle more than enough of professional hooks and jabs. The durable cowhide combines it with light shock absorbent foam that layers the palm-side and on the wrist to reduce overall impact for a longer workout. The durability continues to the maya hide construction outside and inside for the hand compartment. The overall look curves to avoid any discomfort for the user as well as potential injuries.

To keep things right in place and secured, it comes equipped with Velcro strap closure with internal finger compartment. For comfortability and breathability of the user’s hands, the logically places perforations for the upper layer provides air ventilation so as to keep the hands from sweating. Even the biggest swings can be handled by the mitts with its Tri-Slab Supremo-Shock by reducing the overall force with its EVA-LUATION FOAM with shell shock gel.

Cheerwing MMA Boxing Punching Mitt


The Cheerwing MMA Boxing Punching Mitt lets you use it from a wide variety of competitive sports, not only boxing but also Muay Thai, Karate, Kick Boxing, and UFC MMA. Its wide support for sports makes it a good buy for almost all non-professional and professional fighters. But in actual usage, these features what makes it stand out among others. Its comfortability and durability get customers buying this punching mitt. Adding to its blue and black color accent, the high-quality PU leather puts in one level above the others. The inside packs in a high potency foam padding with inner palm ball for maximum protection for the wrist, palm, all the while decreasing the pressure from the punch.

The overall design takes ergonomics in mind for comfortable usage all throughout the process. Its dimension measuring 22 x 18 x 3 cm makes it easier to strike the mitts for maximum pleasure. Overall, it’s durable, compact, and portable that weighs only 200g. Color options leave you with red, white, and yellow.

What to Look For

Choosing a proper punching mitt is not as easy as it looks. Before punching mitts specifically for boxing were everywhere but today, with the rising popularity of different sports like kickboxing and MMA, regular punching mitts created for this generation can also be used for different fighting sports, allowing for it to be punched or kicked. It’s important to take note that an all-around mitt functions differently both for the user and the striker. It can significantly affect the style, technique, and form of both parties. It’s also important that safety is of utmost importance when choosing one.

So, we’re letting you know first the important factors when buying one.

  • Construction – the construction stands for the punching mitts being curved or round. Round types are typically harder to target due to its lesser volume occupied making it perfect for those who wants to improve punching accuracy but if you’re the type who just wants to lose weight off vent anger, the curve type makes it more suitable for easy striking or punching. Furthermore, it also adds comfortability to the user as if their hands are only at a rest state.
  • Air Ventilation – air ventilation is the key for a longer access to the punching mitts. If the user continues to sweat throughout the process, the mitts might slip off from the hands from strong punches and due to the lessened grip. An open-finger or mesh type would be ideal in this case.
  • Padding Technology – to reduce any sustained impact from the punch, check the padding technology used that supports the hands of the user. This is to ensure the user won’t catch any potential injuries and discomfort while training. Others come with shock-absorbing features and even gel technology that reduces the impact by spreading it all throughout the padding.


These are the best punching mitts that’ll let you enjoy the pleasure of hitting someone without providing any injuries in the process. Boxing-wise, it can handle all the punches that you can throw at it but if you’re in a more different foray like kickboxing, an all-around punching mitts can get the job well done. Just make sure to take note of the design construction, air ventilation, and padding technology for you to enjoy the exercise routine.