Best Push Toys

Now that you have a newborn in your household, you’d definitely want to make them as happy as possible, and at most of the time if you can. Giving them an age-appropriate toy like the best push toy can give them endless hours of fun and joy. It’s even safe to say that every parent on the planet would want their child to stay happy all the time. Presenting them with a bright and colorful push toy can give the kid happiness, joy, and even the chance to develop some of their skills and talents while they’re growing up.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Make learning more interactive and fun with the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. This push toy features different learning functionalities for your child, including a removable toddler play panel that can assist in developing fine motor skills for your kid.

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

The Fisher-Price Bubble Mower releases bubbles while your child is pushing on it. It even comes with realistic sounds so your kid might think that he or she is really mowing the lawn.

Sassy Pop n’ Push Car

Sassy Pop n' Push Car

The Sassy Pop n’ Push Car is a special push toy because it can become ideal for infants that are still learning how to crawl. It comes with pop-up beads that help introduce the concept of cause and effect to your child.

What to Look For?

Before anything else, we need to establish the difference between a walker and a push toy. Now, when your child is now trying to learn how to walk, you can give them either a walker or push toy (or both). Even though both walking assistants are commonly found in the same department inside a store, these products are different from each other.

For starters, walkers are devices that assist the infant in letting them try to maintain balance and walk on their own two feet. You’d generally place the baby in the walker while they try to walk without the assistance of their parents or any other individual. Push toys, on the other hand, is just generally a toy that’ll help the baby or toddler stabilize without having to be placed inside a unit. There are some parents who prefer using walkers as compared to utilizing push toys, but there are some who prefer it the other way around.

If you want to let your child learn how to walk without the assistance of their parents, and without placing the infant in a unit, then a push toy may be your primary choice. On the other hand, if you want to make sure that your baby doesn’t fall while he or she’s trying to learn how to walk, then a walker might be the option you’d like to get for your little one.


When looking for a push toy, you’d best know the preference of you, as a parent, and your child. If your baby doesn’t like the feel of using walkers when he or she’s trying to learn how to walk, then a push toy might be the right solution to the predicament.