Best Retractable Earbuds

Earphones, headphones, headsets, earbuds, they only provide one thing – music to the ears. For the most part of this generation, the portable listening device that covers the ear never went out of style. If you’re bored, just plug your earbuds to your phone and wear it over your head and poof! You just isolated yourself from the real-world. It’s another way of entertaining yourself when waiting for someone or when you’re stuck in a traffic. This way, it won’t bother you too much while waiting for your friend to arrive or for the stoplight to turn green.

Another useful entertainment it can provide is a boost in mood depending on what mood you’re in. Whether you’re studying and need a good background music to focus or an upbeat electronic music to energize every part of your body while working out, earbuds can set the mood right for you in order to be more productive to your current activity. No wonder why music has been an integral part of every human being even when you turn back the clock – music is everywhere. A reason why the need for the portable listening device has never been more apparent.

Earbuds are made portable that consists only of a pair of earplugs attached to a wire with the other end for connecting to another device. However, putting it inside a bag and letting the wire go all over just leaves you a disaster of some sort once you open the bag and once you take out the earbuds. It’s the leading problem when it comes to earphones or earbuds. You could go wireless but the quality of the sound is not as good as what you’d expect. In this type of scenarios, retractable earbuds will come in handy. Say goodbye to abysmal wires as the built-in bobbin will easily hide the spaghetti wires for you, thus eliminating any potential damage to your earbuds and your state of being organized.

Dylan Bluetooth Headset


If you’re the type of person who loves to listen to music most of the time and do calls whenever you’re busy at work, the Dylan Bluetooth Headset features an easy keeping design with the capability to receive and make calls with crystal clear voice quality. It sports a unique foldable design that provides flexibility, portability, and extra durability for users who got no time cramming their earbuds inside a bag. The retractable earbuds let you easily adjust the wire to your liking while completely being hidden or subtly exposed. What it means when it comes to phone calls is that you can go hands-free with it.

The power button and volume rocker are placed on the right-hand side along with the dedicated answer button just right below the Bluetooth LED indicator. And of course, the main mic just below the buttons. Speaking of Bluetooth, it sports a version 4.1 which allows for 10m of working distance. Charging the earbuds requires 3.5 hours charging and upon full charge, it can run up to 300 hours of standby time, music playback up to 16 hours, and up to 18 hours of talk time. To cap it off, whenever you receive a call, the headphone itself will prompt the user by vibrating.

Mosche Wireless Headphones Bluetooth


If you want to be stylish, the pink color of the Mosche Wireless Headphones Bluetooth will let you stand out from the usual black and silver color accent – making it perfect for ladies out there. This wireless headphone sports retractable earbuds that keep the wire from wreaking havoc inside and outside of your bag. Listening to music with this one will provide you excellent music sound and bass featuring 6G CVC noise reduction that makes you feel you’re in your own world. The same story is shared with the smart voice promotion that keeps call quality as clear as the water.

The headphone connects via the Bluetooth 4.1 connection with support for vibration when there’s an incoming call. Making it easier for you is the one key switch function to operate almost everything, meaning, no need to count to three seconds to use another function. After using, you can easily fold the headphones through its folding function that lets you easily store it inside the bag without worries for dangling wires. This one charges via the microUSB cable requiring 3.5 hours of time to be connected. Expect up to 18 hours of talk time, 16 hours of playback time, and 300 hours of standby time.

Lbell Bluetooth Headset


Another headset that functions pretty much the same from the first two is the Lbell Bluetooth Headset. The foldable body and retractable earbuds let you have an easy wire management as well as easy keeping when traveling to places. Most of the form factor is from rubber material making it durable to bumps and scratches with smooth touch to the hands. Functionality-wise, it’s not only for listening but also for business calls with its multi functions featuring a volume rocker, previous/next switch, and a power button with a one-button function for answering calls.

Technology-wise, it comes with Bluetooth 4.1 that operates up to 10m in distance along with 6G CVC Noise reduction, Hi-Fi stereo sound playback for maximum quality of listening. The battery is carrying a 195mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer juice that tops up at 3.5 hours of charging time. To keep you fully aware of the status, it comes with LED indicator. To make sure you won’t have any problem buying the products, Lbell is attaching a 12 months warranty.

Titita Bluetooth Headset


The Titita Bluetooth Headset features retractable earbuds and foldable neckband style. The retractable earbuds allow the user to have the freedom to move anywhere while keeping the busy hands well, busy with some more important things. Completing its portability is the foldable neckband style that lets users to easily store inside a bag or wherever they feel like to without worrying about any wires scattering and joining with other things they have. Functionality, it comes with its own volume rocker, power switch, and next/previous buttons.

Furthermore, the sound quality is clear and loud suitable not only for listening music but also for calls. A special feature where it vibrates first to prompt the user there’s an incoming call. Keeping the user connected is the Bluetooth 4.1 that works up to 10m in the circular distance. Power-wise, it can last up to 300 hours of standby time, up to 18 hours of talk time, and up to 16 hours of music time. On the other end, charging the headphone needs only 3.5 hours via the microUSB cable.

Senbowe Foldable Bluetooth Headset


Don’t want any awkward-looking headphones? What about the Senbowe Foldable Bluetooth Headset? The color accent boasts a futuristic look with two color combination available in black/green, white/black, and rose red. When it comes to features, it doesn’t fall short from the rest. It comes with retractable earbuds and foldable design for maximum portability, flexibility, and of course, cable management. This allows the user use it even when running or weightlifting in the gym.

It features first-class sound quality thanks to the most advanced CSR8645 chip, even better is the Bluetooth 4.1 signal for better reception and the support for CVC 6.0 Noise cancellation to keep you listening to high-quality music playback without very minimal distraction from the real-world noise. Build quality is top-notch with its premium soft silicone gel surface as a protection for sweat and water splashes.

What to Look For

With dozens of dozens of retractable earbuds put out there, it’s pretty hard to choose the right one that suits your need while identifying the knock-off from the original one. So as to be able to pick out the best one for you, check first these tips.

  • Sound Quality – there’s only two ways to check the sound quality of the earbuds. First is by being physically present and testing the earbuds itself. You should notice the sound is clearer and doesn’t sound clunky or trebly. Bass feature comes along with high-priced ones but it drastically changes the listening experience. Second is the chipset used for the sound technology. The package usually indicates the type of chipset used for the sounding technology. This tech allows for the headphones to produce high-quality sounds.
  • Built-in mic – if you’re into music only, you can ignore this feature but if you plan on using it for calls, check if there’s a built-in mic included. Furthermore, check also if there’s a noise canceling mic so that the person on the other end can hear your voice loud and clear.
  • Functional buttons – only a few earbuds come with functional buttons like next/previous and power. Most earbuds come only with the pause button and nothing else. This lets the user skip songs by double-pressing or holding the button with modest recognition accuracy. That’s why check first if it’s complete with functional buttons.


Retractable earbuds provide flexibility, portability, ease of use, and cable management compared to the usually exposed wire that wreaks havoc inside and outside the storage bay – giving the user or owner extra task of organizing. When it comes to buying one, make sure to check the sound quality and additional features like the built-in mic and functional buttons for better use.