Best Shower Brushes

For most of us, shower time is leisure time. At least, that’s how I see it when I watch movies. But funny when you see it in the movies, that’s almost exactly what you do inside the shower. However, in the movie, you can only see the actor either with closed eyes and feeling the water spray or in much more matured movies, soaping herself from parts that include no censorship. In real life, you need to clean your whole body including your back, of course. Though not presented in the movie, you don’t want to miss out on the best shower brush.

Wet Brush Rubberized Wet Detangle Shower Brush

The Wet Brush Rubberized Wet Detangle Shower Brush (Assorted Color)

For the best shower brush, women will love this for sure. Ever get the tangling hair every time you go for a shower? For sure, only men with long hair and most women will be able to relate to this. It’s just a daunting task to keep them straight and properly aligned. For the case of the Wet Brush Rubberized Wet Detangle Shower Brush, it hopes to eliminate that problem completely. A true professional hair care product, the Wet Brush Rubberized Wet Detangle Shower Brush lets you even choose from its 10 color selection. When it comes to actually using it, well, it feels soft and rubbery – which isn’t a bad thing.

Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush

Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush, Purple

So, for those who come with long hair for both men and women, you might have been faced with the task of tangling hair. We know, it’s a daunting task to untangle them and keep each strand in their proper way. If you’ve been faced with this task every single time you go for a shower, you won’t be having that problem soon as long as you use the Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush together. Comes in color purple, the Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush features a finger hole for ease of use and lasts longer than your partner will ever stay in your life.

Bürstenhaus Redecker Long Bath Brush

Bürstenhaus Redecker Long Bath Brush, Natural Beechwood Handle, Pig Bristle Fibers, 19-1/2 Inches Long

Oh yes, we’ve all been there, the most common problem when cleaning yourself in the shower, reaching your back and other hard to reach places. Unless you can flexibly rotate your arms at a full 360-degree, you’re better off spending a bit of money with the Bürstenhaus Redecker Long Bath Brush. You can say goodbye to frustrating task of reaching your back with the use of Bürstenhaus Redecker Long Bath Brush that features natural beechwood handle for durability and outstanding looks along with the pig bristle fibers for softly yet effectively scrubbing the dead skin of yours – all in a 19 ½ inches long stick.


A shower brush might not be on your wishlist nor your need list but once you get to experience the perks and benefits of having one, for sure, you’ll never go showering without one. Aside from being able to reach your back effortlessly, you can scrub off the dead skin way better than your bare hands. With that said, the best shower brush is Wet Brush Rubberized Wet Detangle Shower Brush.