Best Shower Radios

At least for some, showering is considered as a solemn time to think back to the things you’ve done and the things that you’re going to do for the day, in other words, it’s where we have our deepest thoughts asking such questions as to why do we exist. That aside, others just enjoy the hot steamy water and sometimes, sing with our favorite song from a smartphone. However, that’s not really ideal and safe when you consider your phone as not waterproof. In this case, you can always opt in for the best shower radio that comes with interesting features such as connecting it to your phone wirelessly.

Sangean H201 Digital Tuned Waterproof Shower Radio

Normally, you’d bring your stock radio inside the shower room or bathroom. However, that’s not really an ideal thing to do since the moist inside might go inside the chip of the radio and thus burn the circuit and make the radio unusable. A reason why the best shower radio, which is the Sangean H201 Digital Tuned Waterproof Shower Radio, exist. Not only you’re getting radio from the Sangean H201 Digital Tuned Waterproof Shower Radio but you can also listen to weather as well as AM channel. It features 10 station presents along with auto seek function and comes water resistant of JIS7 standard rating.

Shower-Mate Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ever since the advent of technology that gave birth to the internet, we’ve constantly relied on a wireless connection. From messaging to calling and entertainment. Almost all things can be done wirelessly now, heck, even shopping for things that you see in a mall. In the case of the Shower-Mate Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, it comes with its own Bluetooth functionality that lets you connect any Bluetooth-capable device for wireless playback, a built-in mic for hands-free call, and a speakerphone for music playback and audio feedback. What stands out the most for the Shower-Mate Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, aside from the waterproofing, is the colors that come available for you to choose from such as pink, blue, and yellow among others.

Abco Tech Bluetooth Shower Speaker

With tons of shower radio and Bluetooth speaker out there, picking which one works the best for you seems to be too much of a task due to the sheer number itself of each product. While some manufacturers combined the standing out features of each product, there’s still a handful of products that you can choose from. In case you’re stuck in a rut, why not try the Abco Tech Bluetooth Shower Speaker? The Abco Tech Bluetooth Shower Speaker is basically an all-around Bluetooth speaker radio. It features FM radio in which can wirelessly play music via Bluetooth functionality. It even comes with waterproofing so taking a dunk in water won’t be a problem.


When looking for a shower radio, the most important feature to have is waterproofing, others come optional such as Bluetooth and hands-free capability. With that said, the best shower radio is Sangean H201 Digital Tuned Waterproof Shower Radio.