Best Shower Tents

Whenever you have time for a vacation, you always try to go as far as you can and as isolated as possible so as to forget the busy city life and just feel the nature that’s waiting for you every summer or before the holiday season. It’s a good way to relax, unwind, and relieve the stress from long hours of work. There’s nothing better than being one with nature in the midst of a place you don’t know. Maybe it’s a beach, forest, or mountain. But in order to fully embrace nature itself, you have to live with nature. Literally.

Leaving the comforts of your home and finding a remote place – maybe an island or mountain, and spending a few days and nights is a great way to be one with nature. Forget the digital life, no phones, no TVs, no internet, just you and the exciting challenges of what nature has to offer. However, it’s not for all people. Even though some don’t mind the daily life of a “nature person”, others aren’t ready in fully giving up their leisure living. One of the leisure things is proper hygiene. It’s expected you’re to drench in sweat especially when you’re hiking or camping in the middle of the day.

And by the sun sets, you want to, at least, have a refreshing feeling after bathing in sweat. This is where the shower tent comes in. It’s not a necessity nor a requirement when spending at least under the starry night. But if you don’t want to give up your daily hygiene, a shower tent will make sure you’re refreshed for the next day. It’s also worth noting that it’s not only for camping, it’s a good companion when you’re going to a place where there’s no available toilet block or any toilet outlet. With that, here’s the list of the best shower tent.

TMS Portable Pop up Tent


Wherever you’re camping, the TMS Portable Pop up Tent will serve as a good private human space for your camping needs. It’s not only made for the shower since it serves well as a good private toilet space or changing room. Clad in all around green color, this shower tent blends in perfectly with nature’s best. The polyester waterproof material makes sure that you won’t have a problem whether it’s rain or shine, given the unexpected mood of nature, it’s a useful feature to have. Holding it all together in withstanding strong winds is the 4 metal mounting stakes.

Atop the shower tent is covered with an extra roof for extra privacy or you can leave it open if you want better lighting inside. This shower tent is easily accessible with its zipper door with a flexible steel frame found inside the fabric. For easy keeping and portability, it comes with a carry bag with straps. The overall measure is at 75” x 40” x 40” while it squeezes to 22” in diameter when folded.

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room


If convenience is what you seek then GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room is what you need. Hassle-free and stress-free when setting up and it’s pretty straightforward once you set it up. Suited almost for everything that you need for outdoor activities, this shower tent is as portable as it can get, making it perfect for quick photo shoots. Upon taking it out of the package, the shower tent easily pops open despite the absence of poles which regularly holds the whole tent. The material is of polyester that lets light pass through its fabric for inner lighting.

When set, it stands at 36″ W x 69″ H x 36″ D and shrinks to 24″ x 24″ x 3″ with the inclusion of the carry bag case.

Texsport Outdoor Shower Tent


Nature is tricky because that’s its nature (pun intended). You’ll never know when and where will rain pour in any given time of the day. So, the best measure to take here would be to bring a shower tent that’s able to withstand almost any unexpected weather changes. The Texsport Outdoor Shower Tent can and will deliver in that category. Also known as Deluxe Camp Shower or Shelter Combo, the company consider it as one of the best shower combos that they’ve made. It’s overall portability and lightweight feature makes it a perfect partner for almost any outdoor activities.

The feature-packed shower tent stands 87-inches tall with an included mesh shower rack inside that holds up 5 gallons of water for a consistent shower experience, as well as the removable hanging towel bar outside. Entering the shower tent is through the large D-outlined zipper door covered in heavy duty polyurethane coated taffeta walls with the rainfly featuring two see-through skylights for better “indoor” visibility. What further keeps itself apart from the rest is the flame retardant C.P.A.I.-84 standards that continue to its removable rip-stop polyethylene floor. Holding it all together are the rust-resistant chain-corded steel poles secured with durable speed clips. Capping off the deluxe experience will be 2 no-see-um mesh windows and 4 no-see-um mesh roof panels.

WolfWise Pop-Up Shower Tent


High quality yet easy to setup? The WolfWise Pop-Up Shower Tent might just be the one thing that you need. What really stands out the most for this one is the minimalistic design that complements its simplistic setup approach. In just a matter of seconds, you’re ready to use this for a shower, changing, or a toilet space. It stands 75-inches tall with its collapsible lightweight feature that fits inside its carry bag with ease along with its 4 metal mounting stakes for a sturdier build. Speaking of being sturdy, it makes use of high-quality waterproof taffeta polyester that goes along with the flexible steel for added durability.

Entering and exiting is through the large full double zipper door with a small zippered window providing ventilation for the user. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the floor since it doesn’t come with one with its non-bottom construction. It’s clad in blue and stretches out neatly.

TMS Portable Shower Tent


Tired of the long list of shower tent? Try the TMS Portable Shower Tent that gets all the basic job done for your outdoor private space needs. Perfect for outdoor activities by the park, pool, or beach, it’s lightweight and portable at the same time. The roof is constructed enclosed for maximum privacy and no small critters to linger around while you’re inside. Inside the package includes 4 metal stakes and a carry bag for stability and transportability, respectively. The single door is designed in a U-shape which is easily accessible on either side and provides a safe sound lock for security.

It stands 75-inches tall and extends 40-inches to both sides. The flexible steel frame used is rust-resistant so you won’t need to worry about splashing water all over it. For cleanliness, it’s a non-bottom design for users. It’s clad in green and light green colors seemingly like a camouflage in the wild.

What to Look For

A shower tent can be easily picked out from the rest given that you know what you need from it. If it’s just for privacy for when changing clothes, any shower tent can work. But if you expect more than from it, this is where the specifics will come in. To be able to pick out the best-suited shower tent for you, check these things first.

  • Style – Pop-up and setup. Pop-ups are the simplest way to setup a shower tent. It usually folds on its own desire for easy keeping and easy setting. Most pop-ups lack of other features but gets the basic job done right. Setup, from the name itself, requires a bit of setting up before you go even use it. As opposed to the pop-up, it comes with additional useful features.
  • Gallon-support – if you’re really looking for a full shower experience, some shower tents come with gallon-support, found at the top of the tent. It has a small compartment with a flexible water tube for the water to flow through.
  • Water heater – there are three types of water heater used by a shower tent – solar, battery, and propane. Solar-powered relies on the sun itself on to heat the bath water, tents with this feature usually comes in PVC bag. The battery used for heating bath water is a 4D cell battery which is easy to carry and use. Heavy in transportability but the propane-powered shower tent gives a hot steamy water like you never left home.


Shower tents proved its usability – not only what the name implies but it can serve well as a private changing room for photo shoots or a toilet space for number one and two (if you know what I mean). There’s a lot of varieties that range from easy setup to feature-rich shower tents. Just keep in mind three things when buying for one: Style, gallon-support, and water heater. With this, showering experience will be the same as what you experience inside the comforts of your home.