Best Snow Scrapers

Ah, winter – the time when you can play around in the snow, go to the nearby frozen lake for ice skating or perhaps play snowball fights with the neighborhood kids. It’s also the time when you can’t see a thing when you’re in your car because of all the snow blocking your windshield. Using your hands can help you remove the unwanted snow, but it’s not going to do much. As such, you need to get the best snow scraper in this special time of need. If you’re already looking for such a product, then read on as we’ve got some great examples for you.

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush with Foam Grip

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26" Snow Brush with Foam Grip (Colors may vary)

The Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush with Foam Grip has a 26-inch long frame that features four rows of sturdy bristles that can effectively remove snow and ice buildup from different surfaces.

SnoBrum Original Snow Removal Tool

The SnoBrum Original Snow Removal Tool is a delicate and powerful tool at the same time because it can remove ice and snow from your car’s windshield and casing without scratching your vehicle’s paint job.

Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

The Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper has a patented dual-purpose design that can effectively tackle both snow and ice.

What to Look For?

When looking for a quality snow scraper, you need to find a functional, versatile, and flexible device so that you can assure yourself you’re getting a product that’s worth every penny you spend on it. Search for scrapers that are effective for both snow and ice. Some cheap snow scrapers are only good for soft snow. Hence, if your area just went through a nasty blizzard, then you’ve got ice building up in several areas on your car. Don’t use your hair dryer to melt the ice because it can cause complications such as lowering the quality of your car’s outer shell.

Furthermore, you should also consider the handle on the snow scraper. If you’re an individual with a short height, then you’d want a snow scraper with a long handle. Otherwise, you’re going to walk between the different areas of your car all the time just to make sure that you’ve removed every piece of snow out of it. Scrapers with long handles, on the other hand, allows you to just move about in one area while scraping off the ice and snow buildup from your vehicle or for other places that might have that wintery buildup.


Snow scrapers should always be part of your arsenal of snow and ice clearing devices if you live in an area that’s susceptible to the harshness of winter. Considering that all snow scrapers all have the same function, not every scraper on the market is the same. Know the differences between each product and only buy nothing but the best. In doing so, you’ll acquire peace of mind knowing that you’ve purchased a high-quality item.