Best Solar Post Lights

Post lights are the perfect complement to your own garden, landscape, patio, decks, and driveways. Mostly, these lights are made to illuminate outdoor areas such as streets, parks, roads for the purpose of safety, security, and sometimes aesthetics.  Ever since people of the world became so creative and ideal, outdoor post lights made way to houses acting as decoration, added flare and recreation for late night events and more. Such kind of lights gives great vibe and beautiful effects to anyone’s outdoor space. However, it’s not really cost-effective when you try to think about shining a dozen of post light to one place only.

Your electricity bill could spike up if post lights are left open for the whole night just solely for the reason that it’s nighttime. See, it might be very pleasing to other people and you but not for your daily bills. You could pay serious cash just because of those. But as mentioned earlier, human beings are very creative and can create solutions for simple problems like this. And the best answer to this is by making regular post lights gather energy from the main source of light, the sun. Yes, if there are solar rooftops there are also solar post lights. Surprise.

Since it’s powered by the sun, you won’t have to worry about electricity bills anymore. You just have to erect a solar post light and let it gather power during the day and light it up the whole night without spending a single dollar from your pocket. That’s as easy and cheap as it gets. Now that you know the secret to cheap post lights you might be thinking what to get and where to get them. Well, good news since these are the best solar post lights out there.

Moonrays 91253 Solar-Powered Post Cap LED Light

If your landscape is based on a classic and traditional style where rocks and wood are most of the aesthetics, the Moonrays 91253 Solar-Powered Post Cap LED Light blends in perfectly with its plastic and wood construction that also work seamlessly with water-featured landscapes or gardens. Made for 4×4 wooden posts, Moonrays’ solar post light features a black plastic cap that houses and protects the light bulb. The LED used for this one is energy-efficient so it can last you up to 6 hours of illumination in one single full charge. It’s also bright and clear with its 2.4-lumen output making sure that a specific radius ground is covered.

This one is designed to mount on top of any 4×4 posts that includes two mounting screws already, in case you’ll need it. Moving back to the housing, since it’s of plastic, you won’t be bothered by rust when it rains, and its weather resistant feature makes it durable for heavy rain weather. Its installation is very easy since it won’t require you to play with wires, just stick the wooden posts to a ground and mount the head and you’re done.

Paradise GL23716BK Solar-Powered LED Streetlight-Style Outdoor Light

Driveways are mostly overlooked and lack attention for most house owners. It’s one specific part of a household that lacks aesthetics everywhere thinking that lights will do the trick. While it’s mostly true to some, why not make the lights a little bit more stylish to blend to its asphalt road since you’ll be spending on lights only. Going overboard a little bit might be wee too much for some but if you can afford to get one, why not? Presenting, the Paradise GL23716BK Solar-Powered LED Streetlight-Style Outdoor Light.

Just by its name you already know what kind of lamp this is, however, it’s not as tall as streetlamps since it’s not built for those kinds. It can also blend to your decks or patio. The design is of traditional design that goes along well with bricked houses. The bulb makes use of four large solar panels to regain power from sunlight. And it turns on automatically once dusk hits with a power of 14-lumens. The whole thing is durable in the sense of rust thanks to its cast-aluminum materials all over. If you want to turn back the clock, this solar light post is for you.

Moonrays 91241 Solar Post Cap Lamp

Feeling a bit religious? Most of the sacred art are made from mosaic that’s used for depicting images and textures. You’ll be surprised to learn that this type of art arrived to post lights, specifically the Moonrays 91241 Solar Post Cap Lamp. The post-cap is designed with colorful stained glass that goes along well with traditional kind of landscapes. The handpainted glass lens is protected from its surrounding metal frame and bronze plastic. Just like the first one, it’s to be mounted where a 4×4 wooden post is used along with two screws. What’s interesting is that it can be mounted with its wall bracket.

Measuring 4-inches tall x 5.9-inches wide, this solar post light illuminates about 18-lumens that draw to the glass lens and provide 120 degrees of ground lighting. It activates automatically at night and charges during the day while being powered by the included 1000mAh AA NiCd battery. Design-wise, it can blend in with wooden decks, patios, and traditional gardens, specifically Japanese type.

Solar Power Square White Outdoor Garden Deck Post Light

Modern style post lights provide the feeling of the future due to its clean and minimalistic arts, so many of this kind is out there making picking one is just too much of a task. But one that stands out amongst the rest is the Solar Power Square White Outdoor Garden Deck Post Light. It reeks of white color with a touch of black on the surface for solar recharging. So, if you have a household based entirely with the future in mind, then this will get your attention. One of the best thing about this package is that it comes in six figures.

Portability is one of its main features as you can let it sit still on the ground or mount it on 4×4 vinyl, PVC, plastic posts except for wooden posts. Due to its two-way feature, you can either have it as a light aesthetic for gardens or pathway for driveways. The white brilliant led bulb holds a life expectancy of 100,000 hours based on included 1.2V 600mAh Ni-Cd battery.

Gama Sonic Baytown Solar Outdoor LED Light Fixture

Solar post lights can be a bit pricey since it’s solar-powered, and especially when you’ll be buying in bulk, it can hurt a bit to the pocket. Sometimes you’re fixated whether to get a standing style, mounted style, or wall-mounted style. Gladly, the Gama Sonic Baytown Solar Outdoor LED Light Fixture can offer all those styles – a feature that easily separates itself from the rest – mounting kit for the post, wall, and poles. What’s more is that the classic style gothic-like design is best suited for any kind of mounting it offers.

Some special features that can be seen here are the 10 LED bulb and Gama Sonic’s patented cone reflector that enhance and distributes the glow, thus resulting in bright output that looks like it came from an incandescent bulb. The 3.2V 1500mAh Li-ion battery for this one can take up to 1000 charges and can be replaced. The four solar panels are logically placed at the top-housing while being surrounded by a cast-aluminum frame with tempered glass for withstanding extreme weather conditions. This one is just the most portable solar post light that you can find out there.

What to Look For

Solar post lights can provide more than just aesthetics to your household. Whether you’re looking for a light alternative or illuminated decoration, post lights are pretty hard to look for when you have specific needs. When looking for one, you need to keep in mind these things: design, mounting, luminosity.

  • Design – The look and feel of post lights should blend in naturally with your landscape theme. If you’re going for a modernized look, edgy design and minimal colors are your go-to post lights. For the traditional theme, classic designs will blend in naturally for its wood posts and pointy construction.
  • Mounting – most post lights are made for posting, of course. But due to manufacturers trying to install creativity and uniqueness to their products, some can be wall-mounted or can be mounted on a pole. The tricky part comes in when some post lights are not compatible with wooden post to vinyl or PVC post. Be careful and check first its compatibility.
  • Luminosity – a good post light is no good if it’s not bright enough. Check the level of luminosity or its ability to create light as solar-powered post lights are usually weaker compared to the common light bulb. Others try to make up with the light covering or the housing to magnify the light thus producing a brighter output.


These are the best solar post lights that you can buy out there and can provide all the things you need from a solar post light. Mountable or not, they can provide a good aesthetic, as well as good illumination for your driveway, backyard, or garden. Just remember, check the design, luminosity, and mounting before buying one.