Best Staple Removers

Have you ever experienced stapling two items together only to find out that you’ve committed an error? So what do you do next? Do you try removing the staples with your bare hands? How about if you use a knife? Well, if you use a knife or any other unsafe sharp object to remove wrongfully stapled staples, then you’re just asking for trouble. What you need is a staple remover, but you shouldn’t just get any staple remover on the market. Instead, only buy and use the best staple remover that the market can offer.

Bostitch Professional Magnetic Easy Staple Remover (40000M-BLK)

One excellent characteristic of the Bostitch Professional Magnetic Easy Staple Remover (40000M-BLK) is it’s available on the market in a bunch of other color variations. Choose this staple remover in magnetic black, pink, or with an assortment of colors. Its magnetic feature makes removing unwanted staples easier than ever.

Sparco 86000 Staple Remover

The Sparco 86000 Staple Remover has a high-quality pair of fanged teeth that get the job done fast in removing or straightening staples. The device is so lightweight that you can barely feel it in your hand. There are also different color variations of this particular staple remover such as brown and black.

Crain 126 Staple Remover

The Crain 126 Staple Remover presents a unique design to the whole staple removing business. Its unique look and functionality make removing staples quick and easy. This tool will have a crown that clamps into staples. Once it does, all you need to do is pull the lever to remove the staple from the material.

What to Look For?

All staple removers share the same function, and that is, of course, to remove staples. However, even though they all share a similar design, not all of them are the same. In fact, there are two main classifications of staple removers on the market.

The first type of staple remover that you should know about is the one that has fangs. These fanged variants are known to be the most common type of staple removers on the market. Using it is quite easy is because all you need to do is slide the teeth-like fangs underneath the unwanted staples to remove them or straighten them out. Using this type of staple remover is very easy and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to properly use it.

As for the other type of staple remover, it looks like a knife but it doesn’t have a long and sharp blade. Instead, it’s “blade” is blunt that it can be used to remove the unwanted staples. There is one disadvantage to this particular staple remover and that it can’t be used to straighten bent staples. However, it’s often found that this “blade” version is easier to use than the type with fanged-teeth.


Just like the staplers, staple removers make our lives easier, even just for a bit. Such a device can help us remove any unwanted staples with one swift motion, instead of trying to use our two hands to remove the staples in the first place.