Best Synthetic Shave Brushes

When you want to have the best shaving experience that you can get, you need to get the best shaving creams and soaps. Of course, you also need to get the best razor to complete the set. However, is it really complete? Are you sure you’re not missing anything? If you’re wondering what that missing item may be, then you might need the best synthetic shaving brush to help you spread your shaving creams and soaps across your face in an even manner. Read on to the rest of the post as we help you check out some ideal examples that may be the next synthetic shave brush that’ll sit on your bathroom sink caddy or shelf.

Parker Safety Razor Shaving Brush

Parker Safety Razor SYNTHETIC Bristle Shaving Brush with Blue Wood Handle - Brush Stand Included

There are no animals tested and harmed during the creation of the Parker Safety Razor Shaving Brush because all the materials used in its manufacturing are synthetic. This shaving brush is fast drying which makes it great for home or travel use.

The Body Shop Men’s Synthetic Shaving Brush

The Body Shop Men's Synthetic Shaving Brush

If you always want to enjoy a foamy lather with a shaving brush that can last for months, then you ought to consider getting The Body Shop Men’s Synthetic Shaving Brush.

Razorock Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush

Razorock Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush

The Razorock Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush has a 24-millimeter shaving knot and presents itself to users with an excellent value for money. The brush is vegan-friendly and contains no traces of animal fur.

What to Look For?

Even though just about every synthetic shaving brush on the market will offer similar designs, they’re not going to be completely the same with each other. Start by looking at their knot and loft height. Note that different shaving brushes come with varying knot sizes, which are the diameters found at the knot base (usually measured in millimeters). The loft height, on the other hand, is the height measured from the base to the top of the item. Some individuals might prefer a big loft whereas there might be some people that might want a small unit. So what’s the best to get? At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference.

After checking the loft height and knot sizes, you should take a look at the rate in which the shaving brush will shed. Do note that all new brushes will shed in the beginning, so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about if it starts to remove bristles after the first few shaves. However, after approximately 10 to 15 shaves, then it’s going to accelerate the shedding process. Make sure to get a synthetic shaving brush that won’t shed as much as other variants so that you can use it for a good long while.


Shaving is a ritual that should involve the best products that money can buy. Well, you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to get good pieces of shaving equipment, but you still need to assure yourself that you’re going to get excellent value in return.