Best Thermal Insulating Curtains

As an adult, being independent and self-supporting by living on your own and paying bills on your own is part of it. As an adult, again, it’s pretty hard to earn a living. It’s the sad whole truth of being an independent adult as you’re free from the chains of your parents. However it may seem, you need to do whatever it takes to cut off your monthly expenses – either you cut-off your daily Starbucks coffee intake or you lessen your monthly payment bills. Nope, not the water, but the electricity. It’s the third highest paying bill, next to food and amortizations (if you have any).

Especially during summer, you try to crank the air conditioner to the highest possible variable to keep yourself cool, relaxed, and comfortable. After that, expect a spike in your electricity bill. Summer is not only the main reason here, winter also plays a role in this. When it’s too cold and the thick clothing and comforter are not working anymore, you adjust the room temperature to keep everything from freezing. Having an air conditioner is a wise solution BUT only if you have the money to pay for the extra bill fee. If not, there’s a less expensive solution and it won’t require a machine to do the work for you.

Presenting the thermal insulating curtain, a thick curtain with some added nifty features to keep the heat from entering the room and to keep the normal room temperature from going out. As long as this type of curtain is seen hanging from your window, expect your monthly bills to normalize or lower while being comfortable inside your home at any given season. Basically, it protects your home from four kinds of heat loss, namely, conduction, convection, radiation, and infiltration. It either slows down or totally stops the air movement in your room, thus keeping a consistent room temperature, all the while ignoring the outside factors.

Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains


If you’re the type who really hates sunlight passing through your windows then blocking the visibility of the television, the Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains provides the best curtain that eliminates not only the air movement but also the natural light from the sun. It’s a solid blackout curtain that brings warmth and style at the same time from its high-quality materials. It’s made from 100 percent polyester fabric with 240 GSM, making it machine washable with no still liners. Overall, it provides energy saving, thermal, noise reduction, privacy, and silky material to achieve the 99 percent blockade of outside light.

What made it possible for the room temperature to be consistent is the Triple Weave Technology. It’s fabricated with black yarn that blocks out light while keeping the curtain soft, drape, and light. To achieve the maximum effect, a darker color will be needed. When it comes to hanging, it comes with a back tab and rod pocket. The panel measures 52″ W x 84″ L while the Set at 104″ W x 84″ L which includes two machine washable curtain panels.

Nicetown Blackout Curtain Panels


Thermal insulating curtains or drapes can get a little confusing especially when you’re not really aware of the fabric and everything. If you don’t have the time to learn all about it or just too lazy to know about it and just want to put it to good use already, the Nicetown Blackout Curtain Panels gets the job done pretty nicely. It’s ready-made, meaning, 2 blackout panels sizing at 52” wide x 85” length with 8 grommet tops. The quality polyester fabric without liner feels soft and lightweight for easy installation. With this, expect 85-99 percent of UV light rays to be intercepted, not perfect but not bad.

When it comes to keeping things warm and cool, the triple weave technology is present in which not only helps you in entertainment viewing via the TV but also protects your inside furniture from the ravaging sun. All you have to do is to install it through the 1.6” inner diameter of the ring that matches most standard curtain rods. After use put it inside a washing machine then tumble dry afterward. If need be it can be steamed or ironed. It’s available in more than 10 colors to match your home.

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Curtain


Deconovo doesn’t believe that you only need the right fabric to block out the sunlight, introducing the Deconovo Thermal Insulated Curtain with the new sandwich technique that allows sunlight to be blocked for the most part. It’s built to allow you to sleep for longer nights even though it’s already sunrise. But of course, it works perfectly well for infants, seniors, shift workers, and computer operators amongst others. The reason why it’s made for sleepers is that it bounces the sound off the curtain, just like what it does to the sunlight – so, expect a long sleep from now.

Clean-living-wise, dust, mites and any other unwanted living organism are not attracted to this curtain. It doesn’t mean though that you won’t be cleaning this one. It’s still machine washable thanks to its 100 percent polyester fabric. It’s a one-panel curtain measuring 42” wide by 84” length. One panel includes 6 silver color grommets on top. There are more than a dozen colors to choose from so, happy picking!

Nicetown Home Decoration Thermal Insulated Curtain


Most thermal insulating curtains only boasts of its thickness, leaving out the design, which is one of the deciding factors when buying. With the Nicetown Home Decoration Thermal Insulated Curtain, remain stylish and consistent throughout your home decoration. It comes in a set containing two blackout panels that measure 42” wide and 84” length with 6 grommets on top of each. The style comes in with its royal purple color but if that won’t make you get one, there are other colors to choose from that suits to your liking. It might be large but it’s surprisingly light while being soft to the touch.

The curtains or drapes impedes up to 99 percent of UV ray while reducing the sound from the outside. The triple weave technology is found here that controls the temperature of the room as well as the outside. The bottom-end is trimmed for a seamless and neat-looking curtain. Cleaning this one via machine won’t be a problem as well as tumble drying. It can be ironed or steamed depending on your liking.

Nicetown Curtains Blackout Draperies Panels


Capping off the best list will be the Nicetown Curtains Blackout Draperies Panels offering shading, noise reduction, energy saving, and privacy. Just as mentioned, it can pretty much do everything that you’d expect from it. It comes in two panels with each measuring 52” wide and 95” length with 7 back loops to use. The triple weave technology found here disrupts the UV-ray light from entering the comforts of your home, regulating the normal room temperature.

This curtain or drape has more flexibility than the others with its three available styles to pick from pleated, shirred, and/or with your own clip-rings, thanks to its loop and rod pocket style for easy installation. It can be wash through with a machine and dry with a tumble dryer as well as ironing and steaming for making things tidier.

What to Look For

Looking for the right thermal insulating curtain is not as easy as it looks like. While the design and looks convince you from buying, there are much more things happening inside than the outside. Some thermal insulating curtains provide sun blockage but it can also be for reducing noise or privacy. To identify which is which, heed these few pointers.

  • Color intensity – the ability to block light and regulate temperature relies mostly on the color of the curtain. The darker the color of the curtain, the greater light it can impede. The lesser the color the less light it can impede. As simple as that.
  • Soundproofing – a secondary function of thick curtain like thermal insulating types is reflecting out the noise from outside. Aside from that, it also lessens the echo inside the house by not letting the sound wave bounce from the fabric material.
  • Magnetic strap – though not mentioned in the listed curtains, magnet straps attached to the sides of the curtain allows for better room temperature control by strictly not allowing any light to pass through the sides as opposed to the curtains which are just hanging freely. It’s not required for the most part but it’s a good feature to have. You’ll need a bit of luck to find one.


A thermal insulating curtain is perfect when you’re saving energy by controlling the light passing through your windows and regulating the room temperature. Apart from that, it can also serve as a good soundproofing if ever you’re doing video or audio recording – it reduces bouncing sound waves for a much cleaner and clearer voice output. To be able to get out the most of your thermal insulating curtain, check its color intensity that controls the passing light as well as the added features like soundproofing and magnetic straps.