Best Wheeled Briefcases

The price of a briefcase can go anywhere from dirt cheap to “wow, I can’t believe I spent so much money on a bag!” It’s because many manufacturers know that a briefcase is an essential piece of equipment for just about any individual, especially for the person who wants to protect their important and sensitive documents. However, holding the briefcase in your hand for the entire day can put unnecessary strain on your arms and shoulders. As such, a wheeled briefcase might be the best option for you.

Solo Bryant Rolling Case

SOLO Classic 17.3-Inch Laptop Rolling Case - Black (PT136-4)

The Solo Bryant Rolling Case has a polyester construction with a secure zipper closure. It lets users take advantage of multiple compartments, and it even has a laptop pocket that can fit notebooks of up to 17.3-inches.

Alpine Swiss Rolling Briefcase on Wheels

Alpine Swiss Rolling 17" Laptop Briefcase on Wheels Attache Lawyers Case Legal Size

The Alpine Swiss Rolling Briefcase on Wheels has dimensions of 19 x 14 x 9-inches, and it comes to the market with a front lock compartment that can expand up to 2-inches. It also has a locking retractable handle for flexibility of use.

Wenger Swissgear Patriot Rolling Case

Wenger PATRIOT Rolling 2-Piece Business Set

The Wenger Swissgear Patriot Rolling Case has a 95% polyester and 5% vinyl construction, and it has a 40-centimeter height. It comes with a premium construction with a removable laptop compartment for when you decide when to bring your notebook with you or not.

What to Look For?

When you’re checking out wheeled briefcases on the market, ask yourself this question first – “How much money am I willing to spend on the item?” As mentioned in the previous section of this post, briefcases can be very cheap or very expensive. While you can always go for the cheap variants, be prepared as these won’t usually have the best quality material construction. Furthermore, some of these cheap models might even tear and break down during crucial moments.

As such, you might want to spend the extra dollar on something with a medium to high-quality model to make sure that your documents, laptop, and other items stay safe inside the bag. You should also consider purchasing a briefcase with quality leather.

Why is a leather wheeled briefcase important to get? It’s because unlike other materials, quality leather improves the longer they’re used. With the proper observance of cleaning and maintenance, the leather briefcase will even look more fantastic even after a decade of using the bag.

Furthermore, a leather wheeled briefcase will look professional and sleek. Also, it’s one of the most durable materials you can find on the market. Still, there are other materials used in the construction of some wheeled briefcase variants, but you have to make sure that the durability levels are going to be worth the money you’re going to spend on the item.


A rule of thumb when searching for the best wheeled briefcase on the market is to purchase the highest quality bag that’s right for your budget. Don’t settle for anything less than your allotted standards, or else you’re going to regret in the near or far future.