Best Whiteboard Erasers

Working in a classroom using a whiteboard for your lectures is clean and easy especially when you use the best whiteboard eraser. Teachers and professors will appreciate using an amazing whiteboard eraser that can quickly and easily clean all the words on the board. The design of an amazing whiteboard eraser is easy to handle with your hands. With just one swipe you can erase everything so you don’t have to exert a lot of effort in cleaning your whiteboard. Here are some of the best whiteboard eraser found on the market that you can check out.

3M Whiteboard Eraser for Whiteboards

Another amazing whiteboard eraser that you can find on the market is this one by 3M. They are known for their amazing products and this one doesn’t disappoint. For a pack containing two whiteboard erasers, you can get this at such a low price. This can also be used for dry-erase boards. When you use this there’s no need to use any sprays or cleaners in order for this to clean efficiently. What’s even more amazing about this product is it can actually remove permanent markers. You only have to add a little bit of water.

U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Board Eraser

The last product on this list might not have a very high rating compared to the other two product but for its price, this one is pretty decent and a lot of people think so too. This eraser has a contoured design that makes it easier for you to grasp with your hands. You can precisely clean the areas you wanted to erase with the use of this whiteboard eraser. The bottom of the eraser has a felt material that can efficiently remove any whiteboard marker on your board. You can also use this eraser for surfaces of melamine, porcelain, painted steel and even glass.

Expo Dry Erase Board Eraser

By far this is the most popular and best-selling whiteboard eraser that you can find on the market. The soft pile design makes this whiteboard eraser clean your whiteboard quickly. Any marks on your whiteboard will be gone in just one swipe of your hand. You can also use this whiteboard eraser for any surface such as porcelain and melamine surfaces. The material of this eraser is nonabrasive so you don’t have to worry about scratching your whiteboard even when you use a lot of force. You can wash this eraser with soap and water, it’s that easy.



In order for you to effectively clean your whiteboard, you have to use the best whiteboard eraser. It’s important that you check the overall design of the product. It should have an ergonomic design that makes it easy for you to grasp with your hands while you use it. The bottom of the eraser must be soft enough for the board yet still effective in cleaning it. It’s better to get a nonabrasive one that won’t damage the condition of your whiteboard even after repeated use.