Best Wood Splitters

Gone are the days when you must be an expert with wood splitting because it’s a very dangerous task. People have already invented wood splitters that will help you finish the task easily without much effort and with maximum safety. These splitters are designed with safety and comfort in mind, with handles that are meant to prevent too much fatigue on your hands. You no longer have to swing above your head or risk harming yourself with this machine. The list below shows the top 3 wood splitters in the market that people have highly-rated and reviewed.

Kindling Cracker Kindling Splitter

If safety is your top priority, Kindling Cracker definitely had safety in mind. This wood splitter was designed without any moving blade or sharpened areas that will potentially harm your hands. This is also designed to split firewood with lesser force than a typical ax to ensure that you’re really safe. It has a top ring with an inside diameter of 6.5 inches. You’re assured that this product will last long because it’s made from high-quality cast iron from Australia. You don’t have to spend that much for maintenance because it’s designed to be maintenance-free. Efficient and high-quality.

WEN Electric Log Splitter

Another great wood splitter is this one from WEN. This is very easy-to-use because it uses a copper-wound motor that just uses household current. You won’t have any problem with cold starts or gas shortages. Not only that, this produces no sound at all and it’s more affordable. It has a built-in cradle that will help you split logs up to 10 inches in diameter and 20.5 inches long. It requires two hands to be operated and it’s also very portable. It’s also designed with 2 comfortable handles that will lessen the fatigue you’ll feel on your hands.

Anaconda Log Splitter

If you want a wood splitter that can do it in seconds, Anaconda allows you to do just that. It easily splits all the logs without much effort and with maximum safety that even the little ones can do it. You just need to put the wedge tip on the log and slide the splitter handle up and down. There’s no need to do dangerous overhead swinging and flying. The handle is also rubberized to absorb all the vibration to lessen the fatigue you’ll feel after using it. It’s truly a heavy-duty splitter that’s affordable.

What to look for

These wood splitters can be quite expensive, therefore, you need to look for the right one. Here are the things you need to look out for:

  • Safety features – make sure that the wood splitter is designed with features that prioritize safety.
  • Handle – the handle must also be comfortable so your hands won’t be fatigued after using.


With these wood splitters, you can easily cut up wood in no time without any risks. Just simply follow the proper ways to use it and you’re good to go. Safety and comfort are now top priorities.